Adjudicators and Officials

Stephen Hadley Adjudicator - Birmingham, AL   
    NDCA+USA Dance+WDSF - A+ B+ C+ D+ E+
Stephen Hadley began his professional dance career with the Arthur Murray organization. As a professional competitor, he is a former Championship finalist in both Standard and Latin and represented the United States at the European Cup. He served as Chairman of the Southeastern Regional Dance Board and was a member of the International Dance Board for Arthur Murray, Inc. Steve holds Fellowships with the North American Dance Teachers Association in Standard,Latin, American Smooth, Rhythm and Theater Arts. He has been a proud member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing for 44 years and is both a National and WDSF adjudicator. 

Kimberly Smith Adjudicator - Birmingham, AL   
    USA Dance+WDSF - A+ B+ C+ D+ E+

Kimberly Smith has been teaching dancing for 37 years and has owned and operated Dr. Dance Studio, Inc. in Birmingham for 31 years. Kim has enjoyed a fulfilling career as a professional competitor, pro/am competitor, teacher and currently coaches amateur and professional couples.
She holds both Memberships and Fellowships with the North American Dance Teachers Association and Licentiates with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, which embodies the worlds acknowledged leaders in the dance profession. Kim continues to proudly serve the society as Treasurer of the USISTD. She has also served as DanceSport advisor to the 2021 World Games. Kim is a WDSF adjudicator and has had the honor of judging the WDSF World Sr. I Latin Championships as well as many Open Championship events.

Perry Gingerich Adjudicator - Mission, KS
Perry Gingerich is registered with the National Dance Council of America as an A+ B+ C+ D+ E+ Ballroom Adjudicator and has equal qualifications with the North American Dance Teachers Associations. He also has an Associate Degree with the Imperial Society Teachers of Dance. He retired from Professional Competition in 1996 after being in the top 3 in the US American Rhythm Division for 9 years. In addition to a busy teaching and coaching schedule he is also the coach for the University of Kansas Dancesport team. He is the owner of a very successful Dance Studio in Mission, KS called Ballroom Unlimited. 

Mary Pinizzotto Adjudicator - Kansas City, MO
Mary Pinizzotto has 24 years experience as teacher, competing professional and coach. Her titles include:
United States Professional 9 Dance Runner up. Ohio Star Ball Professional 9 Dance Champion. Ohio Star Ball Rising Star Professional Smooth Champion. Heritage Classic Rising Star Professional Rhythm Champion. Heritage Classic Open Professional Rhythm Finalist. She is also a member of Screen Actors Guild, Yoga Alliance, and is a certified Life Coach.

Silke Calloway Adjudicator - Bethesda, MD
Silke is in her third decade as a professional competitor, coach and adjudicator. With her husband, Dan, she is an Asian-Pacific and United States Professional 10-Dance Grand Finalist. Silke has been a highly commended, Dual Fellow in the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing for fifteen years. Dan and Silke were invited by President and Mrs. Obama to perform for them and their guests of the international diplomatic corps at the White House. Silke preceded her dance career with a career in dressage in Germany, including acrobatics on horseback, and has trained extensively in all major areas of dance performance including ballet, jazz, and flamenco. 

Sami Yli-Piipari Adjudicator - US   
    USA Dance+WDSF - Chair+ A+ B+ C- D-
Sami started ballroom dancing at the age of 10 in his native country, Finland. During his career with his wife Karita, he achieved numerous international and national titles including total 15 Finnish National Championships titles amateur and professional standard, latin, & 10-dance. He is also a former Professional World & European Professional 10-Dance Grand Finalist, United Kingdom & International Professional Rising Star Finalist, and Blackpool Professional Rising Star Semi-Finalist. Representing the US, Sami serves as a WDSF chairman and adjudicator.  

Daniel Dilley Adjudicator - Indiana   
    USA Dance+WDSF - Scrutineer A+ B+ C+ D+
National Judge, USA Dance registered; Certified by the North American Dancesport Teachers Association (NADTA) and World Dancesport Federation (WDSF); Certified Scrutineer (by NDCA) with extensive experience, and enough equipment to run O2CM wireles judging for 30+ judges. Cincinnati Ballroom Classic Rising Star Champion; Volunteer State Rising Star Champion; Finalists in many US competitions; Daniel is head coach of the Purdue Latin & Ballroom Dance Team, which has about 125 members each semester, requiring competitive coaching in all levels from Newcomer to Champ. Daniel also co-organizes the annual Purdue Ballroom Classic Competition, which attracts more than 400 collegiate ballroom dance competitors each year in the Midwest. 

Yuehwern Yih Adjudicator - Indiana   
    USA Dance+WDSF - Chair+ A+ B+ C+ D+
Dr. Yuehwern Yih is a professional ballroom dancer, coach, choreographer, and adjudicator. She is a Certified Adjudicator by World Dancesport Federation (WDSF) in International Latin and Standard. She is a Championship Certified Adjudicator with North American Dancesport Teachers Association (NADTA) and USA Dance in both International Styles and American Styles. Yuehwern is also a Certified Scrutineer with National Dance Council of America (NDCA), and a Certified Chair of Judges with USA Dance. In addition to judging and choreographing, Yuehwern and her partner, Daniel, spend most of their time being the head coaches of the Purdue Latin & Ballroom Dance Team. In 2010, when the Team was invited to compete on Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars on Fox, they coached the dancers to a 1st round victory, and placed second in collegiate formation team competition at the finale.
Yuehwern was finalists in many professional events and runner-ups in USA Dancesport Championships in a span of 15 years. Throughout her dancing career, she is always fascinated by the dynamics, intricate synergy and kinetics between partners in competitive ballroom dancing. She is passionate about learning; teaching, and helping students find their pathways to success on and off the dance floor. She founded a college competition team at Purdue over 20 years ago and this team is not only ranked highly nationally, but also the incubator of many Dancesport competitors, professionals, and lifelong dancers. Each year Yuehwern is also the key person to organize the Purdue Ballroom Classic, which attracts more than 400 collegiate competitors from 20+ universities in the Midwest area in the last two decades.
Yuehwern studied ballet and performed with the Lafayette Ballet Company before learning ballroom dance. In addition, she completed her B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial Engineering, specializing in operation management and system engineering. She is currently a Full Professor in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University and the Associate Director of Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering.  

Daniel Calloway Chairman - Bethesda, MD   
    NDCA+USA Dance+WDSF+WDC - Chair+ A+ B+ C+ D+ E+
* WDSF World Championship, Grand Slam and World Cup Adjudicator
* WDSF Chairman of Judges
* WDSF A Adjudicator
* WDSF PD (Professional Division) Adjudicator
* Chairman of Judges: North American and United States Championships
* Professional of the Year and Top Teacher

Dan has been competing professionally, coaching and judging for over 40 years. In 1985 Dan was the youngest dual fellow in the world with highly commended fellowships in the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, the London-based society, which embodies the worlds acknowledged leaders of the dance profession. Dan is also the DanceSport coach for the competitive DanceSport teams at Georgetown University and the University of Maryland, as well as serving as guest coach at numerous other universities, congresses, and dance camps, including moderating the professional discussion panels at key events in the United States. Dan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religion and a Master of Arts degree in English Literature.


Yang Chen Emcee - New York
Yang Chen has been dancing for more than twenty years and is currently the President of the Greater New York USA Dance Chapter. Yang has extensive experience as a Master of Ceremonies of many ballroom competitions including the Manhattan Amateur Classic, NJ DanceSport Classic, National Qualifying Events in Bethesda, Maryland, Knoxville, Tennessee and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the USA Dance National Championships and numerous collegiate events, including the DC DanceSport Inferno. He lives in New York City, and yes, his first name is pronounced “young.” 

Mark Tabor Scrutineer - Fort Worth, TX   
    USA Dance+WDSF - Scrutineer
Introduced to ballroom dancing in 1993, Mark became involved in competition, and competed for over 15 years. Beginning in 2000, he organized 18 chapter competitions and Six USA Dance Regional Competitions. Throughout this experience, he developed the O2CM system for DanceSport competition management and began scrutineering. Mark moved to Oregon and began teaching at The Ballroom Dance Company in 2008. In 2013, Moved to Fort Worth Texas to better serve O2CM clients across the country at events nearly every other week. He works all levels of events as a scrutineer, including NDCA pro/am events, USA Dance National Championships and WDSF World Championship and World Cups.

*Organizer Columbia Star Ball 2010-2012
*Organizer Northwest DanceSport Championships 2003-2007
*Organizing Team member for the USA Dance National Championships 2015-2017
*Developer of the O2CM System
*Certified Scrutineer